Nanoscale Integrated Circuit & Systems Laboratory

Dr Nalesh S.

Faculty in Charge
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  • Address:Department of Electronics, CUSAT
  • Phone:+91 484 2862320/33

Welcome To NICS Lab

The main focus of this research facility is in circuits and systems based on beyond CMOS devices like Memristors, Resistive RAMs, 2DFETs, SpinFETs, Quantum devices etc. Other areas of research include hardware accelerators for DSP and Machine Learning applications, and AI for biomedical devices and applications.

Lab setup

The Department of Electronics has set up the IC design lab in January 2021 using grants received from Department of Science and Technology under DST-PURSE scheme.


Active MoUs with niche design and development organization in the domain and collaborations with national laboratories

Important facilities
  • The Lab hosts a state of the art System on Chip Facility with 30 licenses of Cadence Front End and Back End Design and Verification Tools installed in a high end server with 14 client systems.
  • The lab supports all stages of IC design process like RTL Design and Verification, Circuit Design and Simulation, Physical Design, Layout and Verification, Static Timing Analysis, Power Analysis etc.
  • The lab also supports latest FPGA boards from Xilinx like Zybo Z7, ZeDboard, Genesys, Kintex Ultrascale etc. and embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi.

Future Activities
  • Polyphase channelizers on FPGA in collaboration with NPOL
  • Approximate Multipliers on FPGA
  • SRAM based CAM for Associative Processors
  • Unsupervised Monocular Distance Measurement
  • In-Memory Computing

Research Scholars