Centre for Ocean Electronics(CUCENTOL)

Underwater Transducer Evaluation Facility( UTEF)

UTEF is one of the unique and remarkable facilities in the department, intended for evaluating underwater transducers as well as many underwater systems. The facility is often used by various institutions for development and testing of underwater systems other than in house development. The UTEF consists of Water Tank for conducting experiments and Trial runs for the designed Buoys, Underwater communication facility and Underwater imaging systems.

Having felt the importance of research activities in the area of Ocean Systems and Technologies, CUSAT had established a Centre for Ocean Electronics (CUCENTOL) in the Department of Electronics as a joint venture of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and University Grants Commission on 18 December 1991. To mark the formal opening of CUCENTOL, a symposium on Ocean Electronics (SYMPOL-91) was organized from 18-20 December 1991.

Industrial Collaboration

This Centre is envisioned to join hands with the Industries and Institutions of repute for achieving the objectives towards harnessing the ocean resources for the betterment of the society as well as for the good ocean governance.

Ongoing Projects

The 21st century is an extraordinary era, which requires concerted and coordinated efforts for harnessing the potential and resources available in Universities and institutions of repute for developing systems and products matched in quality, for the good governance of the ocean, as well as for the exploration and exploitation of the ocean resources for the socio-economic benefits of our Nation, taking into account the global developments in this highly specialised area of technology. The department intends to further strengthen the research in the strategic area of the Underwater sector, which the Government of India is keenly exploring through the Deep Ocean mission.

Project Associates

Projects Successfully Completed

During the past 22 years of existence, this Centre could attract funding to the tune of Rs. 9.00 Crores in the form of Research & Development projects from various Government of India Departments and Agencies

Sl No Project Funding Agency Outlay(in lakhs)
01 Development of algorithms for spread spectrum underwater communication systems NPOL, Kochi -21 4.991
02 Design and Implementation of Multiple CDMA Communication System NPOL, Kochi -21 4.996
03 Online Education Programme UGC Minor Project 0.25
04 Development of algorithms for Fish and DSL biomass estimation Department of Ocean Development 74.11
05 Implementation of an Intelligent Identifier for Identification of Ambient Noise Sources NRB, New Delhi 12.995
06 Development of an Autonomous Buoy System for Radio- Acoustic Positioning and Tracking DIT, New Delhi 211.89
07 Tuna Resources of the Indian EEZ-An Assess-ment of Growth and Migratory Patterns Department of Ocean Development 24.25
08 Development of Miniaturised Archival Tags Ministry of Earth Sciences 99.56
09 Development of Techniques for Blind Source Separation NPOL, Kochi -21 8.5
10 HMM based target classifier with improved success rates NRB, New Delhi 43.55
11 Sonic Characterisation of Marine Species MoES, New Delhi 285
12 Algorithms for Underwater Image enhancement, Object detection and Cable tracking NRB, New Delhi 30.05