Computing, Architectures and Systems Laboratory (CArS)

Dr Triptis S Warrier

Faculty in Charge
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  • Address:Cochin
  • Phone:+91 484 2862320

Welcome to the field of Computer Architectures & System Design

One among the few new laboratories in the Department of Electronics aims to work in the area of multi/many core systems, microarchitectural optimization based on power/area/performance, domain specific architectures in heterogeneous systems, memory optimization, hardware security in processors, and processor design based on RISC-V ISA. Other areas of research of interest include development of intelligent biomedical systems for health, energy efficient solutions for security in IoT and hardware accelerators for machine learning applications.


Active MoU with Incore Semiconductors Private Limited in the domain of RISC-V based Processor Design from May 2021)

Funded Projects

DST Funded Project titled : Portable device for Preliminary Diagnosis of Preeclampsia, March 2021


Visiting professorships to & from universities and centers of excellence abroad and academic/industry collaborations benefitting both the current students as well as the faculty members

Ongoing Projects
  • Retention time analysis of STTRAM and STOTRAM
  • Optimization of Bit Manipulation instruction for RISC-V based processors
  • FPGA Implementation of Base Delta Compression Hardware for Image Processing in FPGA
Future Activities

SOTRAM based in-memory computing, Hardware/Software implementation of new extentions in RISC-V cores, Desing of application specific RISC-V Core,

Research Scholars

Two research scholars are associated with this lab