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Here's What We Are

Today, we are living in an era, much like the Emerald city in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, where mere specs of sand transforms into silicon chips that articulates wonders. Electronics is that magic touch of the modern civilization and is the conspicuous foundation of all New Age technology. Instituted in 1975 by the University of Cochin, the Department of Electronics was envisaged as a post-graduate Department with Master’s Degree and Doctoral programmes in the frontier fields of Electronics. Perceiving the growing potential of trained man-power in diverse fields of Electronics, the University initiated teaching programmes in the Department. Our Master’s program moulds Futuristic Education leaders who are world changers as dynamic practitioners, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers.

Our broad-based curriculum is entirely focused on the Graduate Aspirants and emphasizes on depth as well as breadth in its execution. Place these fresh mindsbright and motivated as they are-into smaller classrooms, labs and studios with master professors who are researchers, writers, scientists, artists, musicians, and friends themselves, the outcome would be a dynamic learning experience that will prepare these inquisitive minds to thrive and succeed in the field of Electronics and beyond for the rest of their lives.

The Department offers Post Graduate and Ph.D. Programs

  • MSc. Electronic Science The M.Sc Courses covers an in-depth study of Embedded System Design, VLSI System Design Robotics Technology, Antennas, Machine Learning, Microwave Integrated Circuits, to name a few
  • M.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering The MTech Courses are offered with three specialisations-VLSI and Embedded Systems, Microwave & Radar Engineering, Robotics & Intelligent Systems
  • M.Tech. Defence Technology In realizing GOI vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Directorate of Futuristic Technology Management (DFTM) under Defence, Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has identified the DOE, CUSAT as the nodal agency to run M.Tech in Defence Technology. The course is designed to produce aspirants to carry out R&D in defence by providing them with necessary theoretical & experime
  • PhD. in frontier areas in Electronics The department offers research work in traditional as well as in specialised areas such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, FPGA Based Design, EMI/EMC etc

Being part of the Faculty of Technology, the department offers courses in traditional as well as in specialised areas such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, FPGA Based Design, EMI/EMC etc. With hard work, focus & commitment, aspirants can cultivate new competencies, further charge their career, and deepen their knowledge to create profound impact on the world. Transformation happens here and lives are changed.

Our program will assist the aspirants into tapping into their leadership potential, create conditions conducive for meaningful learning & development, and provide opportunities for them to address and offer solutions to systemic challenges present in the educational landscape across communities and throughout the educational settings.