Microwave Electronics and Antenna Research Laboratory

Dr Deepti Das Krishna

Faculty in Charge
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  • Address:Cochin
  • Email:deepti@cusat.ac.in
  • Phone:+91 484 2862320/33

Welcome To CREMA

One among the few and oldest laboratories in India in the domain of RF & Microwave development, the Department of Electronics is proud of its well established research and training laboratory in RF & Microwave Electronics and Antennas.

Lab setup

Set up with financial assistance from funding agencies like MHRD, UGC, DST, DoE,etc


Active MoUs with niche design and development companies in this domain as well as other prestigious national institutes.


Faculty members over the past years with highly cited research outputs and their research scholars often bagging the coveted URSI Young Scientist Awards


Visiting professorships to & from universities and centers of excellence abroad and academic/industry collaborations benefitting both the current students as well as the faculty members

Important facilities

Anechoic Chamber | Probe station for millimeter-wave | Spectrum Analyzers | RF Power Meters | Vector Network Analyzers: Agilent PNA E33662B 10MHz – 20GHz; Field Fox Handheld Analyser N9917A till 18GHz; R & S ZVB 20 Analyser till 20GHz; Keysight PNA N5227A 10MHz – 67GHz |Radar Cross-section measurement set up | Dielectric and EM shielding measurements | EMI EMC Pre-compliance Analyzer Set up Tektronix up to 18GHz | Softwares like CST Microwave Office & COMSOL Multi-physics|

Future Activities

Super-directive Antennas for 5G Applications | Chip-less RFID Tags | Multiple Input MultipleOutput(MIMO)Antennas|Wearable/Flexible Communication Devices | RF Harvesting for IoT Applications | Nanomaterials for EM Shielding/Camouflaging | RFCircuits for Re-configurable applications |Medical Imaging |Wireless Telemetry & Electronic Warfare | Frequency Selective Surfaces and Meta-material

Research Scholars

Lots of Ph.Ds have been produced in the area of Microwave