Vision & Mission


To nourish and tone the legendary status in the field of Electronics by inspiring knowledge seekers to meet the challenges of evolving technology through innovative practices


  • To strengthen technical education in Electronics for graduates by utilising the state-of-the-art facilities and adopting latest trends in technology.
  • To impart knowledge and skills so as to kindle innovation & creativity among students leading to a progressive global career in industry & academy.
  • To facilitate best opportunities for challenging young minds fostered through interaction with leading research organizations as well as industry.
  • To develop and sustain a culture of focused work based on societal needs.
  • To provide with avenues for recognition by participation in challenging platforms, while upholding values, ethics and professionalism.
Unique Courses

M.Sc Electronic Science

M.Tech in Electronics & Communication

M.Tech in Defence Technology

Ph.D in frontier fields of Electronics

Make it Simple

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