Centre for Research in Electromagnetics & Antennas (CREMA)

A well established research and training Laboratory in Microwave Electronics and Antennas has been set up in this Department with financial assistance from MHRD, UGC, DST (Govt. of India) and DoE.
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Centre for Ocean Electronics (CUCENTOL)

A centre for Research and Training in Ocean Electronics (CENTOL) has been set up in the Department with the financial assistance from the ministry of Human Resource Development , Govt. of India and the UGC.
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Audio and Image Research Lab (AIRL)

Major areas of research work conducted in the field of Speech/Image/Bio-Medical Signal Processing/Content Based Image Retrieval.
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Intelligent Machines and Systems Lab (IMSL)

Intelligent Machines and Systems Laboratory (IMSL) aims to work on state of the art tools, techniques and systems for the control of mobile and industrial robots.
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Advanced Signal Processing & Instrumentation Research Lab (ASPIRE)

A subsidiary of CUCENTOL with major focus on the signal processing aspects of acoustic data, especially underwater imaging, navigation and analysis of ambient noise field.
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Microwave Materials Research Lab (MMRL)

Major areas of research work conducted in the laboratory are in the field of Microwave Imaging of Biological objects for medical applications, synthesis and characterisation of synthetic metals for microwave applications.
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Microwave Propagation Research Lab (MPRL)

Major areas of research include Radar Crossection Reduction, Frequency Selective Surfaces, Substrate Integrated WaveGuides, Microwave Filters and Millimeter antennas.
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Cyber Physical Systems Lab (CPSL)

Cyber Physical Systems Lab (CPSL) mainly focuses on Hardware Security, Virtualization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoTs, Embedded Systems Design and Robotics.
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