Centre for Research in Electromagnetics & Antennas (CREMA)

A well established research and training Laboratory in Microwave Electronics and Antennas has been set up in this Department with financial assistance from MHRD, UGC, DST (Govt. of India) and DoE (Govt. of India). The Laboratory is equipped with most modern and sophisticated equipment like HP 8510 B Network Analyzer, Agilent Network Analyser 67 GHz, Cascade Probe Station, Microwave Power Meter and different antenna and RCS standards. The laboratory is having a Microwave Anechoic Chamber for simulating free space environment for antenna and RCS measurements. The Chamber has instrumentation set-up attached to it with provision for fully automatic measurement based on HP 8510 B Network Analyzer and Scientific Atlanta Positioner. The Department has developed an indigenous software which is used for quick and precise antenna measurements and analysis. The major areas of research now being pursued are microstrip antennas and transmission lines, super- conducting microwave transmission lines, integrated circuits and antennas, reduction of radar cross section, microwave non-destructive testing, leaky wave antennas, microwave horn antenna, material studies in microwave region etc. Non-destructive testing of objects like vehicular tyres is a break through by the laboratory in NDT technique. These facilities are being used/operated by many establishments like SAMEER (Bombay & Madras), SAC Ahamadabad, NPOL, Cochin, Delhi University, CSIR Regional Research Laboratory (Trivandrum), Jadavpur University, Gulbarga University and others. Major works undertaken are:

  • Electrically Small Antennas
  • Miniature Antenna for Medical Application
  • Chipless RFID Tags
  • RF based glucose monitoring systems
  • Ultra Wide Band Antennas
  • Planar Inverted Fractal Antennas
  • Low Radiation Hazard Antennas for Mobile Applications
  • MIMO Antennas