Ocean Electronics
  • Development of regularization schemes for performance improvement of underwater target classifiers
  • High performance Parallel Implementation of Hidden Markov Models with CUDA Architecture
  • Multiple Target Tracking using Dynamic Programming
Digital Signal Processing
  • Development of Algorithms for Target Motion Analysis
  • Implementation of an Optimized GSM Audio Authentication System using Asymmetric Key Cryptography
  • Crystal Growth Rate Analysis using Optical Image Processing
  • High Performance Computing Cluster with Low Power System on Chip Architecturess
Microprocessor Applications
  • Industrial Robotic Arm and controller
  • Mobile Robotic systems
  • a) Rough terrain all-weather Mobile Robot       b) Mobile Robotic fleets
  • Table top Machines
Microwave Electronics
  • Electrically Small Antennas
  • Substrate Integrated Waveguide
  • Miniature Antenna for Medical Applications
  • RFID Tags
  • Ultra Wide Band Antennas
  • Low Radiation Hazard Antennas for Mobile Applications
  • MIMO Antennas
  • Microwave properties of conducting polymers
  • High Impedance Surfaces
  • Integrated Antenna For Future Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications