Ongoing Projects

Sl. No. Project Title PI/Co-I Agency Period Outlay (Rs. In lakhs)
1. Microwave : Implantable Antennas for Glucose Monitoring System Dr. P. Mohanan BRNS 4 Yrs 25
2. Integrated Smart Antennas for 60GHz LAN Dr C.K Aanandan UKIERI 2 Yrs 40000 GBP
3. Ocean Electronics : HMM based target classifier with improved success rates Supriya M.H.
NRB, New Delhi 3 Yrs 43.55
4. Sonic Characterisation of Marine Species Dr.P.R.S.Pillai
Dr.Supriya M.H.
MoES, New Delhi 5 yrs 285
5. DST - FIST Head of the Department DST 5 yrs 87

Completed Projects

Sl. No. Project Title PI/Co-I Agency Period Outlay
(Rs. In lakhs)
1. Microwave Antennas : Antenna design, fabrication, and testing for a pseudorandom polarization hopping (PPA) communication systems Dr.P.Mohanan
Polarizone Technologies, Malaysia 1 Yrs 5.00
2. Development of a compact Microstrip Antenna with reduced radiation hazards suitable for use in Mobile Communication handsets Dr.P.Mohanan
UGC 3 Yrs 3.605
3. Development of a wide band grating surface with low radar cross section Dr.C.K.Aanandan AICTE 2 Yrs 7.00
4. Microwave Materials : Microwave imaging of Biological objects for medical applications using free space complex permittivity Measurements Dr.K.T.Mathew DST 4 Yrs 25
5. Development of novel class of materials for antenna having automatic Beam Steering property Dr.K.T.Mathew, (Co-I) DRDO 3 Yrs 4.5
6. Ocean Electronics : Implementation of an Intelligent Identifier for Ambient Noise Sources Supriya M.H.
NRB, Min. of Defense 3 Yrs 12.995
7. Development of an Autonomous Buoy System for Radio- Acoustic Positioning and Tracking Dr.P.R.S.Pillai
Dr.Supriya M.H.
DIT, New Delhi 3 211.89
8. Tuna Resources of the Indian EEZ-An Assessment of Growth and Migratory Patterns. Dr.P.R.S.Pillai
Dr.Supriya M.H.
DOD, New Delhi 3 24.25
9. Development of Miniaturised Archival Tags Dr.P.R.S.Pillai
Dr.Supriya M.H.
MoES, New Delhi 2 99.56
10. Development of Techniques for Blind Source Separation Dr.Supriya M.H.
NPOL, Kochi 1 8.5
11. Compact dual band dielectric resonator for mobile phone antenna with reduced radiation hazards Dr.P.Mohanan
KSCSTE 3 Years 9.79
12. Integrated Smart Antennas for next generation millimeter wave communications Dr. C.K Aanandan
Dr Charles Free
Dr Paul Young
UKIERI 3 years 78000 GBP (70 lakhs)
13. Development and study of polymer composites for efficient emi shielding property at Microwave frequencies Dr C.K Aanandan
Dr K.T. Mathew
DRDO 2 years 15.36
14. Assistance under DSA Programme Dr. K. Vasudevan
Dr. P p. Mohanan
UGC 5 Years 75.00