Ph.D's Produced (Past 5 Years)

Sl. No. Guide Research Scholar Title J S Year Present Position
1. Prof.K.T.Mathew Praveen Kumar A.V Development of a novel wideband cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna. 10 13 2009 Post Doc in France
2. Prof P.Mohanan Suma.M.N Investigations on broad band planar monopole antennas with truncated ground plane. 16
(1 Patent)
6 2009 Scientist in GE, Bangalore
3. Prof K.Vasudevan Gijo Augustin Development and analysis of a compact coplanar antenna with flared monopole for dual band applications. 11 22 2009 Post Doc in Canada
4. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Dinesh kumar.V.P Development of an improved Legendre polynomials and content based retrieval of scoliosis images. 6 9 2009 Project Engineer
5. Prof.K.T.Mathew Vinu Thomas Strategies for Inverse Profiling of Two Dimensional Dielectric Scatterers using Electromagnetic Illumination 16 10 2009 Professor
6. Prof P.Mohanan Francis Jacob Printed Monopole Antenna for Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Applications 2 1 2009 Vigilance Officer, FCI
7. Prof. P.R.S.Pillai James Kurian A Beacon based Localization System for Autonomous Mobile Robots and its Applications in Traffic and Transport Control 8 21 2009 Professor
8. Prof P.Mohanan Deepu.V. Design and Development of Compact Asymmetric Coplanar Strip fed Antennas 10
(1 patent)
14 2009 Manager, Motorola, Bangalore
9. Prof P.Mohanan Bybi.P.C. Broad Band Wide Coverage Uniplanar Antenna 10 3 2010 Post Doc in Canada
10. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Roshen Jacob Development of Time-Frequency Techniques for Sonar Applications, November 2010. 8 7 2010 Scientist, DRDO
11. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Deepa Sankar Fractal based Technique for Classification of Mammograms and Identification of Microcalicifications, August 2011. 5 8 2011 Associate Professor
12. Prof.K.T.Mathew Gopakumar.C Development and analysis of a Novel Isoceles trapezoidal dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communications. 4 5 2011 Associate Professor
13. Prof C.K Aanandan Jitha B Development of compact microwave filters using microstrip loop resonators. 5 8 2011 Assistant Professor
14. Prof P.Mohanan Manoj K Joseph Microstip fed Compact Dual band Planar antenna 10
(1 Patent)
8 2011 Scientist, ISRO
15. Prof C.K Aanandan Deepti Das Krishna Investigations on broadband monopole and slot radiators and their suitability for UWB applications 10 13 2011 Associate Professor
16. Prof C.K Aanandan Gopikrishna M Investigations on the radiation characteristics of planar printed UWB antennas with modified ground planes 9 12 2011 Assistant Professor
17. Prof P.Mohanan Sujith Raman Design and development of compact coplanar Waveguide Fed Antennas for wireless applications 18 8 2012 Visiting Scientist, Sweden
18. Prof P.Mohanan Shameena..V Design and development of compact printed Ultra Wide Band Antennas 13 6 2012 Visiting Scientist, Kuwait
19. Dr. K. Vasudevan Nishamol M.S Design and Development of re configurable compact cross patch antenna for switchable polarization 12 15 2012 Asst. Professor
20. Dr. K. Vasudevan Sarin V.P Investigations on the Radiation Characteristics of Broadband Strip Loaded Slotted Microstrip Antennas 17 21 2012 Asst. Professor
21. Prof P.Mohanan Laila D Developments on investigation of mobile antennas for less radiation Hazards 9 6 2013 Associate Professor,
22. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Pravin N Development of a Biometric Personal Authentication System based on Fingerprint and Speech, February 2013 2 3 2013 Associate Professor
23. Prof P.Mohanan Sreejith M Nair Design and Development of Coplanar strip fed planar antennas 6 2 2014 Assistant Professor
24. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Deepa J Development of a Fully Automated Image Analysis Method for a High Density CDNA & Array CGH Microarray based Genomic Studies 4 4 2014 Associate Professor
25. Prof. Tessamma Thomas Ananda Resmi S Development of Techniques for the Automatic Extraction and Grade Detection of Glioma Tumors from Conventional Brain Magnetic Resonant Images. 6 7 2014 Associate Professor
26. Prof PRS Pillai Prabha C Underwater Target Localisation, Tracking and Classification 4 6 2014 Scientist

Placement Prospects

  • 15% opt for S/W careers.
  • 30% in Teaching Rest in Industry/R&D labs (National/International)


  • Young Scientist award : Jijo Augustine
  • Young Scientist award : Deepti Das
  • Young Scientist award : Sujith Raman
  • Vasudeva Award : Prof. P. Mohanan
  • IEEE Student Award : Prajas John


  • 8 Indian Patents concerning the product, process and technology of Direct Electro-photocopy. Patent Nos 134329 to 134336.(The gazette of India, Part III- Sec. 2P.44 Feb 1972.
  • A Process for the preparation of a ceramic material useful for microwave integrated circuit applications H. Sreemoolanathan, R. Ratheesh, M.T. Sebastain & P. Mohanan. 1535/DEL/96 dated 11.7.96.
  • Microwave dielectric ceramic composition, method of manufacture thereof and devices comprising the same. PCT/IN02/00051(International USA and Europe) M. T. Sebastian, P. V. Bijumon, P. Mohanan and Sreedevi. K. Menon.
  • Development of novel cylindrical resonator antenna and other devices based on new microwave dielectric ceramic composition in the Ca5A2TiO12 system [A=Nb,Ta]. M.T. Sebastian, PV. Bijumon, P. Mohanan and S. bK. Menon. NF/482/2001.
  • Compact Microstrip antennas , Rohith K Raj, Manoj Joseph and P. Mohanan, filed through DST Govt. of India in 2013.
  • System And Method For Acoustic Tracking And Identification of Noise Sources in A Water Body, in the name of Supriya M. H. And P. R. S. Pillai.