Workshop on IoT Enabled System Design

An introductory Training Program on IoT Enabled System Design is being organized by the Intelligent Machines and Systems Laboratory (IMSL) of the Department of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology. The course is designed as a hands-on workshop using Wi-Fi enabled IoT modules. We invite applications from Students/Researchers with a basic knowledge of Microcontrollers & Arduino IDE with a passion for IoT and Embedded Systems. Learn more about Workshop

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FDP on Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Systems through Code Generation

FDP aims to provide training on latest Xilinx FPGA development boards, Mentor Graphics VLSI design Flow and Mathworks code generation flow. Industry Experts from TCS, WIPRO, NEST and Ignitarium will discuss the use of VLSI and Embedded System tools. More Details about FDP

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Symposium On Ocean Technology, SYMPOL 2017

Papers are invited for SYMPOL 2017. The papers prepared in the template downloadable from symposium website may be submitted online. Topics include

  • Underwater Sensor Technology
  • NDE for Ocean Structures/Cables/Pipelines
  • Underwater Imaging
  • Electronic Navigation Aids
  • Acoustic Holography
  • Ocean Exploration Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Tsunami Warning Systems
  • Marine Bio-Electronics
  • Underwater and Surface Communications
  • Non-acoustic Techniques for Underwater Applications
  • Underwater Signal Processing
  • Seismic Signal Processing
  • Ocean Acoustics/Modeling
  • Sonar Technology
  • Underwater Telemetry/Command and Control
  • Other allied areas in Ocean Electronics
  • Marine Measurements and Data Logging
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M. Tech & M. Sc. Admission 2018

M. Tech & M. Sc. Admission will start by first week of June 2018. Classes will start from July onwards. Learn more about Admission 2018

Mobile Robotics Workshop

A workshop on Mobile Robotics is being organized by the Intelligent Machines and Systems Laboratory (IMSL) of the Department of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology. The research activities of IMSL focus the development of algorithms for the control and coordination of Multi-robot systems through connectivity control and task allocations for distributed robotic systems. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art hardware/software platforms and subsystems for a broad spectrum of robotic applications. Learn more about Mobile Robotics

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Workshop

This DLI instructor-led workshop aims to provide training on the latest techniques for designing, training, and deploying neural networks across a variety of application domains. Participants will explore widely used open-source frameworks as well as NVIDIA’s latest GPU-accelerated deep learning platforms. More Details about DLI Workshop

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Software Defined Radio Workshop

Participants will get an overall idea about Software Defined Radio. Sessions include SDR Technology overview, LabVIEW waveform generation and analysis, STRS SDR, Digital Communication, Measurements (Hands-on), MIMO/5G. Register for SDR Workshop

Deep Learning - A Deep Dive: From Basics to Advanced

In this hands-on workshop, participants will be introduced to neural networks, ideas of deep learning and why it is so effective at solving real world problems. Then we will dive into some basic networks, some advanced ones and finally learn how to deploy intelligent algorithms at scale. More Details about Deep Learning Workshop

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