Microprocessor Applications

1. Industrial Robotic Arm and controller

A state of the art Industrial Robot and its controller is a necessity for a modern Robotics laboratory. So the hands on expertise with the same may be of great experience for our post graduate students as part of their course work. The researchers are also benefited to develop strategies for task planning and execution.

2. Mobile Robotic systems

Now Mobile Robots are really advanced machines that support a continuing revolution in the application of technology. The development and study of Mobile Robots involve mechanical design and controller design. The most modern controllers are equipped with advanced computer systems for processing various sensor inputs and motion planning. The sensors along with the processing power gives: learning and decision making capability to the system. The study of various sensor systems and their features are of great importance in mobile robotics.

2.1 Rough terrain all-weather Mobile Robot

A state of the art educational mobile robot capable of moving on indoor and outdoor environment is of great importance in modern mobile robotic research. Here we can utilize all modern powerful computational and sensory systems for the study of the same. This is of great use in learning as well as research in mobile robotics.

2.2 Mobile Robotic fleets

These fleets of wheeled mobile robots are helpful in learning cooperative control and task execution as well as to provide localization and learning capabilities for the researchers and students. Even healthy competition among students and researchers can be conducted for enhancing and sharing the knowledge and expertise.

In-house fabrication and experimentation

Already our students have tried to realize various mobile robots as part of their course work with the limited tools and facilities. The following are examples for our contribution.

  • Internet based intelligent online embedded multi-robot controller
  • Obstacle Avoidance system
  • Object Chaser
  • Line follower with encoded information
  • Walking system
  • HexaPod surveillance system
  • Wired/wireless controllers
  • Localization systems
  • Assistive robotic systems

Even for the improvement and enrichment of the above systems and also to design and fabricate newer ones with state of the art technology we need to uplift the lab with manufacturing machines.

3. Table top Machines

Beyond these traditional structured experiments, some lab space will be dedicated for fabrication and design of new Robotic devices for design projects that meets the requirements of the final semester course. These design activities are assessment focused in that, the students' ability to use the concepts learned in the earlier courses to synergistically design and build new products will be evaluated. For supporting these activities table top CNC lathes and milling machines are added tools for uplifting their expertise. A much more focused and goal oriented research work could lead the Robotics Laboratories of the department to find a distinguished place in the national and international community.